Coffee Love





Ever have a perfect cup of coffee?

I have. (:




Jezie Jewelry

As I am on my Tumblr blog, I come across a picture of a seriously cute necklace.  It is a heart that has an arrow that spins to land on “yes,” “no,” or “maybe.”  

This is part of Jezie Jewelry products.  Pretty much the coolest necklaces that I have seen in a long time.  

Stephanie, the owner of this company, started it when she was 15 years old in 2010! How impressive is that?!

Needless to say, I am going to be purchasing many items from this website! (:Image

Intern: Good or Bad?

Have you ever been an intern?

For anyone? Or even a company?

I have.  I am right now.  

I must say it really isn’t as bad as I thought it would be!  If you forgo the fact that I am A) working for free, and B) not doing it for a school credit…. it really isn’t shabby.  

I think the reason why I like being an Intern for Paige Novick in NYC is because everyone who works here is very down to earth and friendly.  I get to come to the office at 10am and leave by 6 pm only 4 days a week.  Tell me that isn’t ideal?! 

I get to play with jewelry, learn about all the things that make a company work, and I get to hang out with awesome people all day!I think my favorite thing that I have done here is help another woman who works here, Nicole, take instagram photos.  She puts Paige’s jewelry on me and I model it while she snaps pictures of me doing poses!  I really feel like a model sometimes haha…

Now I’m not saying that all interns everywhere are the best thing- it really is a hit or a miss.  There are some internships that treat the intern like crap and make them do all the dirt things that no one else in the office wants to.  Thank goodness that is not how it is here!  

I definitely recommend for rising college students to look around and apply for internships anywhere!  It has been a great experience thus far being a southern girl living in NYC for the first time… on my own!  Granted, I’m still on my parents money budget… but it has been amazing and I would love to do this in LA next summer!  



Humanity on the Internet

So I got my Tumblr blog about a year ago and I am actually OBSESSED with it.

My friend Lindsay Glosson is the one who introduced me to it so when I started up I was only following her and reposting the pictures that she would reblog.  I was living and breathing Tumblr.

It goes to say that when I first started blogging, everything on Tumblr was smiles and unicorns. Literally.  There were so many smiley faces and unicorns that were being reblogged by everyone.  It was nauseating.  But lately it has been very, very different.

Now when I log onto Tumblr, I can’t scroll down for more than a minute when I see posts about people who are depressed, sad, or even suicidal.  Sometimes I even see bullying posts that are just plain not okay.  It is hard to stop or help any of this since anyone can post things “anonymously,” therefore hiding their identity.

I must say, however, that there is a bright side to this.  While there are so many hateful things going on on the internet, as I see the suicidal posts, I see so many other people who are trying to help those in need. For instance, the most recent post I read was from a girl who screen shotted another girl’s suicidal post and said “everyone please reblog this and help this beautiful girl.  She is important in this world and she needs to see that.”  I looked at the blog count, and over 1,000 people had reblogged the post.

That post isn’t the last one I’ve seen.

I see them everywhere!  People trying to help people who need a friend.  Just someone to talk to.  There are some advice blogs where anyone can ask the person a question or just tell them about how bad their day has been going.  These advice blogs are great and in my honest opinion, I think that they are helping kids all around the world who are struggling.

So thank you nice Tumblr people.  You are bringing kindness back to the human race.

Thank you.

New York Cityyy

So I have been in New York City so about 3 weeks now and I must say…. it is quite a change from being in Cornelius, North Carolina!   My parents told me that there are crazy people everywhere and they are right!  No matter where I go there are crazy people to my left and right!  People who talk to themselves, people who are so drunk out of their mind that they are staggering everywhere, and people who are dressed as if they got dressed in the dark!

While I have only been here for a little while, it has definitely been one of the most fun places I have ever been.  At any time of the day there is always something to do no matter where you are in the city.  Last night at midnight, I was STARVING, so all I did was walk down the street and there was a delicious pizza place open so I got to grab a slice to eat!  Of course, it was expensive, but what places in NYC aren’t?!


I will keep everyone updated on my adventures in NYC because let me tell you…. this is a very exciting place!

Trading Places The Merchants of Nairobi

Taken by Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom first encountered the merchants of Nairobi when he was working on his book Living Africa in 2008 while he went out to capture the diversity of this country.  He took mostly street pictures with the occasion of some portraits of the people who owned special shops or hotels.  The picture shown above is a street picture of two men sitting outside a small shop.  He has put together a collection of 138 color photos in a book that has small stories about different people.  He would take a portrait picture of someone and have a small bio about then along with some pictures of the shop, hotel or daycare around the person.  It captures the true heart of Nairobi in its raw essence.  To find out more about this photographer and this book you can visit this website.